Friday, August 28, 2009

School Update - Friday Edition

Well, I showed my "Monster Car" thumbnails to Thiel, and he liked the first one on the page... It was my personal favorite as well. My next step is to do a tight-sketch with plenty of reference to make sure the car ends up looking like a car. I decided to do some rough digital color-composition possibilities first though.

Monster Car Project "It Came from Beyond the Junkyard!"
Pen & Ink and Marker on Sketch paper (digitally altered color thumbnails)
1 x .75 inches (per thumbnail)

Also, Pratt made us have to do a breakdown of a script from the African Queen.

The first half of this scan is the panel compositions/placements/breakdowns, which I do to create an easy flow amongst the pages. As you can see, I made several different versions of some pages, while I knew what I immediately wanted from a couple. Still, these aren't the final say on things. They are different from the final results. The page done in marker is a test-page, which I did to see how long it would take me to make a page.

(Left) The African Queen: Scene 2 breakdown, (right) The African Queen - Test page
Pen & Marker on printer paper
11 x 17 inches (8.5 x 11 inches seperated)

While he suggested angles that weren't straight on, I did a few for the reason of allowing certain calm moments or to clearly show body-language. I feel that a comic that is always dynamic in every frame doesn't allow for an emphasis of calm moments. On the flip side, if a comic is always showing straight-on perspective, it gets visually boring. If anyone reading has any suggestions, feel free to make them, These pages were done in roughly 10 minutes a piece at most, so I don't mind redoing a few.

The African Queen: Scene 2 draft (pages 1-8)
Orange Colored Pencil on Printer Paper
8.5 x 11 inches per page