Monday, August 3, 2009

At the diner and other doodles

So I have several sketchbooks just for doodles. I try to do at least one page a day for sake of practice and habit.

Tonight, a friend of mine took me out to our favorite place to eat when it's midnight or later... It's actually a popular spot for several college students. I had forgotten to bring my pen, so I asked for crayons... which actually had an interesting effect...

He also decided to do a doodle of me on another page... Not bad, considering my friend is a chef who hasn't drawn for roughly 4 years... I think he actually has some potential, considering how quick it took him to get this sketch pumped out, and I can tell what it is fairly clearly.

The one below is another sketch from me, done in a much larger book.
This one is of another art student and friend. She has her own blog here: