Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Website Redesign

Presently, I'm in the process of redesigning my website. I've been unable to update my personal website since leaving college, and therefore losing my ability to access the Ringling servers. I decided to upload this page from my sketchbook to show the thought process I generally go through when thinking up a website.

The general plan that I have is to make the illustration body of my work my index page. The navigation bar will be on the right and have 6 icons that always appear. There will be 3 galleries (illustration, graphic design, and visual storytelling) and each gallery will have a series of thumbnails for each piece on the right (below the navigation bar.) Instead of clicking on an icon and opening up a lightbox viewer to see an image, the user will need to only roll their cursor over the icon and an image will appear automatically on the right of the screen, thereby reducing loading time.