Monday, January 4, 2010

Senior Thesis Breakdowns, Part 2, Complete!

Here are the breakdowns for part 2, pages 14-26. Please keep in mind the notes I have. I'm well aware that I need a lot of reference of backgrounds and settings, but, for now, I'm mainly concerned about composition and flow.

I also plan on making some script changes in part 1 (pages 1-13) because there is a "new" element or plot device in this part that I didn't think to include in the last one, mainly the whole ghost saying "Benidictus." I think I could introduce that earlier in the first part.

For the font, I mainly went with a font size 9. I've been using a generic comicbook font up until this point, but I think I'll start using the "Joe Kubert" font, as it is thin enough to get plenty of letters in while still being legible.

The amount of text in the last panel of this page worries me, but if I break it up into smaller bubbles, it may work.
Just a quick note, I plan on having a sketchy style in the "flashback" panels, to imply that they were from an earlier time in the story.
Another note, I'll need to find out the exact prayer a priest might say before someone's death or their own. Right now, the "Oh Lord" is mostly a placeholder, and I may add speech-bubbles to the last panel of this page.